Male clothes: Clothes Become our partner in England.

Male clothes: Clothes Become our partner in England.


Introduction PierreCassi & Wingsmen menswear.
Garment factory producing men’s wear since 1970 in Turkey.
Emphasis on quality fabrics, good quality product we plant. We export to 27 countries with our collection of young staff.

On men’s clothing, try to partner in your country: PierreCassi
Do you get profitable investment,
England Men’s clothing will be given dealership.

Products manufactured in our factory.
Suit, stain-resistant suits, suits Drop8, Chino trousers, Men’s clothing, apparel, Men’s pants, school uniforms, shirts, pants, ties, cufflinks, Wingsmen,PİERRECASSİ, sports pants, jackets, franchise, men’s clothing franchise , Suits,outsize clothes, sports shirts,

100% profit if you want to get in touch.

phone: +902124582525
phone: +902122330910

e-mail: [email protected]

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